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with English 1301 (via the Internet)

Welcome to English 1301 online. Taking English 1301 via the internet in many ways is no different than taking it in a traditional face-to-face classroom; however, we have to admit that differences exist.  Accommodating ourselves to these differences will help insure your success in this class. 

Review this list to see if you are ready for 1301 via the Internet.


How Long Will It Take To Get COMPLETELY Ready for English 1301?
This checklist has a number of tasks for you to do as well as orientation materials for your to review. Once you review all this material, you should be "ready" to start English 1301. Expect that it may take you one to three hours to get completely "ready."

You need to be able to say "Yes" and/or do each of the items below. If you are unable to say "yes" to any of these items, you should seriously reconsider taking this class. Contact me with questions. Be sure and DO all of the orientation and getting started tasks.

Important: Please begin the following tasks right away, and proceed through this list in sequence. Be aware that you have "Smart Start" assignments to do by Tues. 6/11.




bullet   Do you have daily access to a computer and the internet? 

bullet   Do you have basic computer literacy skills?  Can you create a document, save it, and find it again?  Can you cut and copy text?  Can you browse the web? Are you comfortable problem-solving with the computer (because it always seems like something doesn't work and you have to do trial and error to figure something out). Can you attach a file to a online message?

bullet   Have you logged in to ACES and accessed your "Student E-mail?" Do you check that email regularly?

Email Etiquette: ALL email communication for our class will be done through ACES, so you need to check your ACES email regularly. See the following link with information about contacting me: Contacting Dr. Irvin.

bullet   Have you successfully checked-in to the class.

You do this by logging in to our Canvas course and answering the "Class Check-In" forum inside the Smart Start Module (found by logging into ACES and clicking MY COURSES). Once you are in our class, click the "MODULES" link in the left navigation bar.

Responding to this forum in Canvas forgoes the requirement to contact me via email.

bullet  System Requirements--A computer no older than seven years old with current word processing, internet browsing, and media player applications. High speed internet access is needed.
VERY IMPORTANT--You will want up-to-date virus, firewall, and spyware software. Also, you will want to be sure that you have updated your Windows and email applications to the latest versions to prevent security problems.

Software Requirements

  • Many handouts or other information is in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Get it here for free.

  • I will need you to turn in work in Microsoft Word file format so I can open and evaluate it. Did you know you can get the entire Office Suite (including Microsoft Word) for free as a SAC Student?

    Visit Microsoft 365 for Education for this free download.

bullet Technical Problems-- In the event of any technical problems, call the Alamo College Tech Support:

(201) 485-0555

Write this phone number down for future reference. Call it with any technical problems you are having participating in this class.



bullet   Have you gotten our textbook?

Textbooks for English 1301.290
1. Scott Foresman Handbook.  Ruszkiwicz.  Pearson.  2010.  9th ed.
ISBN:  9780205751983

2. Writing With Style. Trimble.  Pearson. 2011. 3rd Edition (any edition will do)
ISBN: ISBN-9780205028801

bullet Have you bookmarked our Course Home page so that you can get to it easily. http://www.lirvin.net/1301sitebb/home.htm
Note: I maintain a website independent of Canvas, our Learning Management System. This means if ACES is down and you can not log into ACES, you can still check our class announcements and course materials via this website.


Personal Independence and Time

bullet   Are you able to follow directions on your own?  Can you read a document with a list of step-by-step instructions and complete these instructions independently?

bullet   Are you able to commit the time that will be needed to complete this class successfully?

Our class, like any college class, will require a significant amount of time-- approximately 7.5-12 hours per week for a regular 16 week semester class. Summer classes move over THREE times as fast as a regular class, so they take anywhere from 18 - 26 hours per week. If you don't think you are able to devote this much time to your classwork, this class is not for you.

bullet Work is due throughout the week (even weekends), so it is unrealistic if you plan to do all your course work on weekends alone.



Course Orientation Materials

bullet Go to our course home page (http://www.lirvin.net/1301sitebb/home.htm).

  1. Read our syllabus carefully.
    -- I know it is dull reading, but read it and read it again--especially policies.

  2. Poke your nose around the entire course home page site. Open each of the links to see what is available from our course home page.

  3. View the orientation videos for the class.
    These orientation videos as well as all other support "how to" videos will be found from our course home page and the Course Videos link.
    --Please watch ALL the video guides. It will help you get started with the class!

bullet Note for Special Needs students:
As an internet class, this class is better suited for students who are able to learn independently. I certainly will provide as much assistance as I am able for your learning, but experience has shown me that for students with greater needs, especially due to learning disabilities or a foreign language background, a face-to-face class where students can receive the extensive one-on-one in-person help they need is better for them. Those with a disability need to work through the SAC Disabled Students Center to get accommodations for this class. Contact me if you have any questions in this regard.



Now That You Are Oriented, You Can Begin Doing the Work of the Class

Once you have completed these orientation materials, you can begin to explore our first Essay Cycle Assignment Sheet and begin working on our first assignments. See this orientation video on doing our first assignment:

Going to Class and Doing the 1st Assignment post
--this includes doing our Smart Start assignment

Be sure to print our Assignment Calendar with all the due dates (as well as printing the EC#1 Assignment Sheet and Syllabus) and hole-punch them in your three-ring binder for our class.

Remember, to check our Class Announcements page regularly (at least every other day). This is VERY important. You will find a quick link to the Class Announcements page when you login to our Canvas course.


Go to our Canvas class, and do ALL the assignments found in the "Smart Start Module."

These assignments include:

    1. Class check in
    2. Introduction
    3. EGW#1A
    4. Draft 1.1

These Smart Start assignments equate to the 1st Day of Attendance. If not completed by the end of the day on 6/11, you will be dropped.

I will need to see that you have joined this class by communicating with me and participating in the class by turning in work--right away. If you have not participated in a visible and satisfactory way by two threshold dates, I will drop you from the class.

Participation Thresholds:
1) Completion of the Smart Start Assignments by 6/11
--this includes a class check in, E/G/W#1, and Draft 1.1

2) Completion of assignments for 6/12 (as specified in the Class Assignment Calendar and found in the Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet).

If you have not reached these participation thresholds, a warning email will be sent to you to complete assignments and reach this early participation threshold. If you have not met this threshold by noon 6/13 you will be dropped. Contact me immediately if you are having any difficulties participating with this class.

Start on Assignments for Essay Cycle #1

Once you have
a) done the orientation activities
b) done your Smart Start assignments
you are ready to begin the work of the class. Please go do our Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet to begin.

Be sure to check our Class Announcements page!!! Regularly!!!!!

If you still have questions about our class as you begin, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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