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Course Videos and Podcasts

These videos are intended as helpful demonstrations and guides for our online class. Note: Some guides come from previous semesters, but the content should still pertain.

Orientation Videos and Podcasts How To Videos

Course Overview & Welcome
--reviewing our syllabus and what we will do in the class

Strands of Work in the Class
--about the predictable pattern of our assignments

Course Policies
--important review of our class policies

Communication--staying connected
--how to contact me when you need to

Required Conferences
--how to do your two conferences (not required for summer)

Going to Class and Doing the 1st Assignment post
--this includes doing our Smart Start assignment

Doing Process Journals
--has help for doing 1st Process Journal

Doing Peer Response and Writing Reviews
--help for doing your 1st peer respones and writing review


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