Inquiry into Rhetorical Reflection within the Activity of Writing

A resource site for the dissertation research of L. Lennie Irvin
PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University, 2010
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Research Questions:
What is the nature of "rhetorical reflection" within the activity of writing, and how does it work in relation to the learning and practice of freshman writers at Texas Tech University? Can we generate a grounded theory that offers an understanding of rhetorical reflection and how it works that is useful for teachers of writing?
(see Definition of "rhetorical reflection")

corn Early Research Study Designs
Dissertation Proposal
submitted 2/20/09 (accepted)
From the Mirror :
A Research Blog
Modes of Inquiry in Composition
methodologies of Composition Research
based from Stephen North's Making Knowledge in Composition
What Previous Research into Rhetorical Reflection Reveals
Paper presented at CCCC 2009, San Francisco

See the first version of this research website with the initial proposed research question and research designs

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