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Contacting Dr. Irvin

Instructor: Dr. Lennie Irvin

Office: GH 223-B
Office Hours: TBA
Phone: 486-0672
Fax: 486-1509
Email: lirvin AT alamo.edu (name@alamo.edu) --preferred method of contact
Instructor Web Page: http://www.lirvin.net

Note: I am using my ACES email as my primary channel of online contact, so if you want to contact me and you want to be sure that I get it, send it to my ACES email (lirvin AT alamo.edu). You should expect a response in no more than 24 hours (don't expect an immediate response).

Email Etiquette Requirements:

Please follow this protocal for emails:

Subject line: Put your course and course number and the subject line

Incluce a salutation: Dear Dr. Irvin,

Maintain a professional level of presentation and content in your message: (that is, realize this is not an informal communication with a friend, so write in complete sentences, and be sure to review the text for obvious errors before sending the email)

Sign your email with your name

Example Email:

From: Joe Johnson

To: Irvin, Lawrence L


Subject: English 1301-243 Question about Essay #1


Dear Dr. Irvin,

I have a question about the first draft of our Essay #1. When exactly is it due?







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