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Class Announcement 9/17/18

The Final Drafts of Essay #1 are due TODAY!

We will begin class with an activity, and then turn in the essays. WAIT to turn in your essay. (Check Your Answers for the punctuation exercise in EGW#3: exercise 1 and exercise 3!)

Turn in your essay TWO ways
--turn it in electronically inside Canvas to the Essay #1 Final Draft (E1-3) assignment (you click "submit assignment" and upload your file)
--print and turn in the paper copy to me


Congratulations on getting Essay #1 finished!!!!

But wait... you are not done...

You need to do the E1-3 Writing Review. This Writing Review needs to be completed by the end of today and needs to be completed for your essay to be counted as "on-time."

You may be able to get a start on this Writing Review during our regular class time.


Are you absent today?
I still expect you to turn in your essay into Canvas and complete the E1-3 Writing Review by midnight today (unless I hear from you otherwise). Please bring the print copy of your essay next class.


Process Journal #4-part A--we will do the first part of this journal in-class

We are launched into our second essay! See the Essay Cycle #2 Assignment Sheet

Homework for next time:

  1. Open and read the Essay Cycle #2 Assignment Sheet. Skim it at first. Then I urge you to print it and hole-punch it into your notebook.
    --look over and think about the Essay #2 Topic found on pages 3-4. Read the example essay.
    --Don't do the E2 Invention exercise yet. We will do it in class next time.
  2. EGW#4 is continued work on punctuation.
    BE READY FOR A PUNCTUATION QUIZ over the guide to punctuation guide
  3. Do Process Journal #4-part B
  4. WK1 of Freewriting Journals are due Wed. (MW class) or Thurs. (TR class).
  5. See the readings for the week and start working on them, particularly pages 6-12 in SFH on audience and purpose.
Class Announcement 9/12/18 --updated 9/15

Check Your Answers for the punctuation exercise in EGW#3: exercise 1 and exercise 3!

NOTE: Writing Review E1-3 is NOT due at class time. Just your finished essay is due.

START by reading our Process Journal #3s and doing your four short ah-hah replies (each of 25-50 words).

Next, we will begin our Freewriting Journal

Wondering what "freewriting" is?


Watch this video explaining Freewriting! (Scroll down to find the video and watch it.)

See page 14 of our Essay Cycle #1 Assignment sheet with exact instructions for how I want you to keep your freewriting journal. Also, this guide on journals discusses how to do a freewriting journal.

How we will do our freewriting journal:

  • Write for 10 minutes, continuously (no stopping)
  • Write on any topic you wish (within decent bounds)
  • Write without correcting or fixing anything
    -- I would expect that your freewriting journals will BE MESSY!!!! See this example of a very messy freewriting journal.
  • Write FOUR journals per week, turned in each Wed.
  • Turn in a paper copy of the journals (whether handwritten or typed)
    --we do not share these journals with the class

If I see neat, correct journals from you, I know you are not getting this freewriting thing yet. Just write--without editing! ... for ten minutes, without stopping!

Then we will learn about our grammar review goal for this essay--Punctuation

Why Punctuation Matters! --an experiment in reading

My guide to punctuation and sentence structure

--I expect you to KNOW every bit of this guide. Study it. Memorize it.
You should be able to recite from memory the five things punctuation helps you DO. Study it especially in reference to what SFH and Trimble say about punctuation.

Last, we will discuss World Without Mind.

I urge you to use the chapter summary available in Canvas to help you follow the big picture of the book (it is NOT a substitute for reading)

Read interactively! Annotate. Look words up!

Carry the book with you all the time. Whenever you have a moment, read it. Carve out devoted reading times. You should read about 35-40 pages per week--our target is to have the book finished by 10/12.


Homework for next time:
1) Read about and study punctuation for EGW#3
--my guide to punctuation and sentence structure
--my video version of this punctuation guide with my commentary and example of editing writing for punctuation
--Read Trimble’s chapter 12 or 13 on Punctuation in Writing with Style. It is excellent!
--Review Part IV in SFH pp. 507-582. You should skim through this to reinforce what the two previous guides have said about punctuation.

Complete the two punctuation exercises (#1 and #3)--working them by hand on the exercise sheets I gave you in class. Bring to class on Monday!

2) The final draft of Essay #1 (E1-3) is due next class.
--see page 16 of our EC#1 Assignment sheet for guidance on revising for your final draft. Please follow these instructions for revising, editing, and proofreading and then formatting your paper.
--Check the dialogue in your story. Are you handling is correctly?
--see example of dialogue use from Obama's family story

Be sure you arrive in class with your essay completed and in MLA paper format.

Writing Review E1-3 will not be due at class time. It will be due by midnight on Monday.

3) Keep reading World Without Mind
--suggested reading for week, chapters 2-3

Class Announcement 9/10/18

Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet

Once you login, skim this class announcement and begin right away with the first task:

Task 1: Today we will start by reading our Process Journal #2 posts on "What WE Value as Writers" and do our four short "ah-hah" replies of 25-50 words. For process journals, only the journal response is due by class time. Then we spend the first 5-10 minutes of class when it is due to do the short "ah-hah" replies.
--Then we will review the Reading Quiz over the Writing Process.

Task 2: Reviewing the Power of Description and doing character description(s).
--Open your draft, pick a character that is not described or little described, and try opening up a more detailed description.

Task 3: We then will work on doing Peer Response
(Be sure you have included a brief "Draft Letter" to your readers on top of your draft.)
--your job is to do THREE peer responses and a third can be for extra credit
--review HOW to do peer response

Task #4: Getting a Tour of the Writing Center


Homework for next class: Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet

1) Complete whatever peer response to Draft E1-2 or "ah-hah" replies to PJ#2B not completed in class by midnight tonight.

2) Do your Writing Review E1-2
--remember, for your draft to be considered as "on time," you need all three done on time: draft, peer response, and writing review

3) Do Process Journal #3
--really review description and how you have been using it so far. Think about it. Study what we have done so far.

NOTE: EGW#3 is NOT due by class time. We will begin it in class. It will be due by Sat.

4) Read/Skim Part IV in SFH on Punctuation. Refamiliarize yourself with the world of punctuation.

5) Bring your World Without Mind book next class. We will discuss the first part of the book. You should be reading through Chpt. 3 this week.

Class Announcement 9/5/18

Good morning!!!

Learning About the Writing Process
Today we will begin by reviewing the Writing Process and the reading you did in the Scott, Foresman Handbook pgs. 2-73.
--the Writing Process

Doing our First Peer Responses
Next, we will work on doing peer response for Essay #1, draft #1
--we will follow the explanation for peer response found on page 8 of the Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet
--your goal is to complete THREE peer responses and a fourth can be for extra-credit
--the Writing Review (and any peer responses not completed in class) is due by midnight tonight

Describing a Character
We then will do an exercise seeking to take one character in your story and describe it more.
--see examples of character descriptions
--see if you can't describe other important characters in your story as well for the next draft

Explaining Assignments

REMINDER: ALL assignments are found in the Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet . Be sure to follow the directions found in these assignment sheets carefully.

For the last part of class, we will discuss

Process Journal #2B: What We Should Strive to do as Writers
--NO "ah-hah" replies needed on PJ#2A posts.
--We will do the "ah-hah" replies on PJ#2B on Monday.

EGW#2 Continued Work on Description
--you will find three sentences in your paper that are "telling" and open them up with "showing" description
--Examples of EGW#2 revision of "telling" parts of a story to "showing" descriptions

Revising your Family Story 1st Draft
These additional guides will assist you in this revision:
--Revising and Developing the Family Story
--Reviews these two examples of revising from draft 1 to draft 2: revision example #1  |  revision example #2 .

Homework for next class:
1) Complete any peer response you need to do--by midnight 9/5

2) Do your Writing Review on your draft E1-1
--can be done by midnight tomorrow 9/6

3) Do EGW#2
--follow the directions in the EC#1 Assignment Sheet
--due by Sat. 9/8 midnight

4) Complete your PJ#2B. Try to use what you learn readers want and need to guide what you see you need to do as a writer.
--due by Sat. 9/8 midnight

5) Revise your Family Story--create draft #2 of Essay #1 (E1-2). Please use the materials we covered today to help you with this revision (be sure to use some of the "showing openings" you created in EGW#2 in your revision). Follow the guidance for revision found on page 12 of the EC#1 Assignment Sheet.

6) Learn MORE about the Writing Process and take the Reading Quiz #1
--Re-skim over The Scott, Foresman Handbook pgs. 2-73
--Then view/read/listen to my guides on the Writing Process:
The Writing Process (ppt) and video version (listen to podcast as you view the PPT
The Writing Process (text guide)

Reading Quiz #1 is found in Canvas.

7) Get started reading World Without Mind!
--by the end of this week you should have read the Prologue and Chapter 1.

I apologize that today's homework is longer than normal, but we are making up some ground we lost by missing a class day on Monday.


Class Announcement 8/29/18

You can always scroll down to see past class announcements!

Welcome BACK to English 1301!

What we are up to today!
--Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet

Act I: Class Policies. Class Orientation Review

Dr. Irvin's Keys to Success in College

(Come hear a fuller version of these keys at the Honor's Academy on Tues. 9/4 from 11:30-12:30!)

Our adventure with the World Without Mind book
--suggested reading plan

Act II: Process Journal #1
We will read some of our early stories of our development as writers (and readers) and do our first "ah-hah" replies.

Act III: Enjoying our EGW#1 practice descriptions
We will hear some of these "showing openings" and practice a bit more ourselves.
Power of Description handout

Act IV: Getting Started on Essay #1--The Family Story
See pgs. 4-5 of the EC#1 Assignment Sheet

NOTE: IF for any reason, you are not able to post your homework in Canvas by class time today, I will still accept these first assignments by midnight tonight. Normally, late work gets no credit, but as we start out I allow these first assignments to be late. Let me know if you have ANY questions or need help.

Dr. Irvin has office hours on Wednesdays from 11-1 in the Honor's Academy.
--today there is a "meet the faculty" lunch from 12-1.


Homework for Next Class:
(Always read our homework assignments closely!)

1) Continue orienting yourself to our class reviewing the course website, orientation videos, and the Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet

2) Follow the "getting started" brainstorming activities for Essay #1, and then write your first draft. Post only the draft inside the E1-1 Assignment inside Canvas.
--this will be due anytime on Monday
--WAIT to do the peer response and writing review (we will do that on Wed.)

3) Get your textbooks and start reading in The Scott, Foresman Handbook pp. 2-72 reviewing the writing process. (complete by next Wed.).
--chpt 8 on SFH is also part of our reading for next week, and it is ABOUT reading in college. Check it out as you engage in the reading for this class (and your other classes).

4) Write your Process Journal #2-part A (found on page 10 of the EC#1 Assignment Sheet).
--this can be turned in by any time on Monday
--(NOTE: We will do PJ#2B in-class on Wed.)

5) Start reading World Without Mind
--finish the book by Oct. 12.
--Prologue and Chpt 1 by 9/9.


Class Announcement 8/27/18

Welcome to English 1301!

Congratulations! and Welcome to English 1301!

World Without Mind

--an important and provocative contemporary book we will read and write our last two essays on.


What we will do with the book.


Get the book and start reading it!

without mind

We will get an overview of our class today and introduce ourselves to each other. Then, we will begin doing some writing right away!

Learning About the Power of Description
--The Techniques of Description

Then we will practice writing descriptively...


1) Go back to our course home page and check out all the links to see what our course is about. In particular, look over the entire syllabus. You might be interested in view the course orientation videos I make for my online classes.

--Review our Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet.

2) Write the "Introduction: Who I am" assignment. Post it in the forum inside our Canvas class. (due next class)
(View THIS VIDEO on how to do this assignment and post it. --note: "EGW#1 in the video is the "Introduction" assignment for us).

) Do Editing/Grammar/Writing Exercise #1 found on page 3 of the EC#1 Assignment Sheet.(due next class)
--you need to write three "showing openings" of "telling sentences" where you practice the techniques of description. Turn this work into Canvas.

4) Write Process Journal #1 on your career as a writer, posted in Canvas (due next class).
(If you are not positive about how to post your first assignments or your forget, please watch this video on Going to Class and Doing the 1st Assignment post.)
--video 1
--video 2

5) Get your textbooks and start reading in The Scott, Foresman Handbook pp. 2-72 reviewing the writing process. (Due in one week.)

6) Get a three-ring binder for our class. Print our assignment calendar, the syllabus, as well as the Essay Cycle #1 Assignment Sheet and hole-punch them into your binder.




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