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Writing and Rhetorical Guides

The Writing Process (ppt) --video
The Writing Process
Power of Description --video
Describing Characters
Showing Not Telling--examples
The Watcher and the Muse
Peer Response
Approaching First Drafts
Writing Titles and 1st Lines
Rethinking and Revision

Phases of Revision
Effective Writing and Inferences
Argumentative Techniques

Three Moves of Countering
Critical Thinking and Evidence

Collaborative Writing

Technical/Professional Writing Guides

Primer on Genre Analysis
Resume Guide --video guide
Work and Education Experience in Resumes
Page Design Principles
Instructions/User Guide Principles
R Williams' Document Design Principles


Grammar/Style Guides

Punctuation --video
Sentence Basics
Using Quotations
--The Sandwich Principle
The Art of Integrating Quotes
--yet more on integrating quote
Using Dialogue

Standard Editing Marks
Sentence Editing Draft
Editing Checklist
Revising Sentences

Commonly Confused Words

Read-Write Guides

Writing Critical Summaries
Response/Think Pieces -- example
Close Reading Strategies
Annotation Guide
Crossing the Bridge from Reading to Writing

ESL Writer Guides

Using Articles


Essay Basics

What is Academic Writing?
Essay Form
Leads: Introductions
Development Outline

Arriving at a Thesis
Brainstorming for Reasons
Brainstorming--Argu/Pers Essay
Strategies for Developing Support
Secondary Support

Model Essay
Critical Essay
MLA Documentation
--example handling sources

--example MLA paper
APA Documenation
Avoiding Plagiarism

Researching Guides

5Ws Method of Evaluating Sources
--5Ws Table
Research Triage


All guides created by L. Lennie Irvin, San Antonio College


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