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Final Portfolio

You will learn more as you put together this end-of-course portfolio than you have all semester. It is where you put to use all the skills we have learned all semester. Everything in the portfolio (except specially noted items) must be revised, and it is in this process of "re-seeing" that you bring to bare and develop your writing skills. Everything in the portfolio should represent your best work also because your portfolio will determine 50% of your grade. To create your portfolio you will select your best work, revise it, and present it as your portfolio (or collection) of work. All work in the portfolio must be revised for this final presentation.

Required Contents:

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Two of our four major essays.
    --One of these two essays must be a Documented Essay (either #3 or #4).
  4. Seven other pieces of writing from in-class activities or journals
  5. Submission draft versions of the essays (with feedback) and other writings
    --by "submission draft," I mean the version of your writing you turned in to me for a grade or score--for instance, Essay #3 Final Draft (E3-3). I don't need E3-2 or E3-1. Writing pieces like Process Journal #3 or a freewriting can be included as they were originally turned in. If you have written additional drafts since the submission draft, include those as well (just be sure to label the versions so I can tell the most recent version).


The Final Portfolio will represent 50% of your course grade. The portfolio grade is divided into two categories:

1) Writing level
--80% of the portfolio contents grade
Your writing level is determined using the criteria described in Evaluating Writing.

2) Growth factor
--20% of the portfolio contents grade
Determined by the amount of growth evidenced in your final draft. Typically, this grade comes from the growth shown in the work done for the final portfolio, but it could be over the whole semester (if a piece of writing has been revised multiple times).

Final Exam: Reflective Self-Evaluation (10% of course grade)

The Final Exam self-reflection/self-evaluation is a separate assignment from the portfolio. You complete your portfolio--then take your final exam. The topic for the final exam will be announced once you turn in your portfolio.

During the Final Exam (when you turn in your portfolio), you will write a self-reflective, evaluative piece about your thoughts, beliefs, and principles of good writing that you have developed in this class. In order to support your thinking about writing, you will point directly to your experience, our learning materials, and your writings in this class.

What you write in this final self-evaluation/reflection will influence my assessment of the rest of your portfolio, and it will be assessed based on two criteria:

1) honesty and fullness of response

2) an critical self-awareness (informed by your understanding of our course learning materials) that is integrated with your experience in the course (done by pointing directly to your writing or your experience and using specific examples, particularly from work in your portfolio).

The Portfolio is due at the Final Exam. No late portfolios accepted.

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