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Phases of Revision

Global Revision

One: Conceptual/Idea Phase

  • Look again at the original assignment--examine if you are adequately addressing the question/task of the assignment and the writing situation.
  • Examine your piece in light of audience and purpose.
  • Examine your essay for its main point (thesis)--Is it clear? Is it what you really believe? Is it clearly expressed.
  • Organization: Look at the structure of how you are presenting your ideas. Do you want to shift your arrangement in any way?

Two: Opening Up/Development Phase

  • Look to see if you have developed the piece enough. Think of your reader--is there enough content there to get your idea/point across?
  • Think especially of examples and illustrations (or quotes from sources) that might be used to specify what you are discussing.
  • Use the techniques of description to make your writing sharper and more defined.
Local Revision

Three: Sentence Level Editing Phase

  • Use the Paramedic Method to revise sentences that are wordy and indistinct. Clarify the agent and action (subject-verb) in your sentences. Cut wordiness.
  • Combine sentences using subordination or coordination for clarity and fluency.
  • Examine the sentences carefully for errors in run-ons, fragments, punctuation, or other grammatical errors.

Four: Proofreading Phase

  • For the last step, be sure to review your writing carefully for mechanical and superficial errors. Here is where it can help to have someone else look over your writing.
  • Make sure you have done a spell check on your work.








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